What Sexnummern Says About You

There is nothing as bad as telling a lie to your partner. Whether it is a date that is meant to last long or you are just passing time, honest is the key. Sometimes being honesty might be really difficult especially when dealing with sensitive matters. On the other hand, there is no other out if you want to establish a lasting relationship that you can both benefit from. For some men, Sexnummern is never an issue for them. Whether their girl has a high or low number, it makes no difference.

However, there some who read a lot from this number. Although you want to remain honest, it is very important to know the kind of man you are dealing with. If the sex number means a lot to them than you would bear, you should think twice before you’re open enough with them. For some men, high Sexnummern means:

1.     A Woman is Promiscuous

As simple as some men may take it, to some and especially close-minded men, high sex number means a woman is promiscuous. This would be an enough reason for such men to break up your relationship with them. Therefore, you must be very careful when sharing such information with them. When it comes to hiring an escort, such a man can never agree to have a date with a woman with high sex number.

2.     You’re Experienced in Sex

Many men like to be the bosses when it comes to matters of sex and intimacy. Therefore, it is very imperative for them to know how much experienced their spouse is before they start dating them. However, you will definitely get confident men who love a challenge. For them, dating a sexually experienced woman means a challenge for them to outdo their girlfriends.


Whether you have high or low Sexnummern, it should never describe you. Never allow any man to disrespect you or describe you because of your sex number. Always make sure that you deal with a man who respects you just as you are and is happy to have you by their side.