Learn the Culture of Istanbul Residents from The Best

The best way of learning the culture of any community is getting two or more people who are passionate about their culture. In Istanbul, no other team would fit in this category better than Istanbul Escorts. These girls know the city like the palm of their hand. Some of the most cultural areas they will ensure you visit with them include;

1.    Spice Bazaar

The bright and fragrant Spice Bazaar of Istanbul. Tourists and locals frequent this covered shopping district between the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. The market was established in the 1660s and featured beautiful architecture as well as 85 shops. Toys, treat, and exotic seasonings are all on sale. You can go shopping for things like dried fruits and nuts and buy some linens and some jewelry. hentai sex toys

2.    Galata Tower

The Galata Tower, a prominent landmark in Istanbul, provides breathtaking panoramas of the ancient city and its surroundings. Istanbul’s highest structure in 1348 was the Tower of Christ. The tower’s original purpose was to detect fires, but it has now been converted for other uses. A cafe, restaurant, and nightclub with spectacular views have recently opened on the building’s upper nine floors. Escort Service Istanbul escorts’ hegemony over Istanbul shows no signs of slipping.

3.    Basilica Cistern

The Basilica Cistern has been Istanbul’s primary water source since Justinian I constructed it in the sixth century. The Romans’ innovative construction techniques garnered the admiration of many sightseers. There’s a basilica-turned-cistern right opposite the Blue Mosque. The cistern’s storage volume, known as the “Sunken Palace,” is 2.8 million cubic feet. In the 1963 James Bond film titled “From Russia with Love”, the cistern makes an appearance.

4.    Chora Church

The Byzantine art inside Chora Church makes up for the building’s inconvenient location. Jesus and Mary are depicted in exquisite mosaics and paintings. The Chora Church of the Holy Savior was built in the Byzantine style and is a stunning sight. Before becoming a museum in 1948, the Chora served as a monastery and a mosque. Istanbul Escorts believes that we are all religious people to some extent, therefore, visiting the church is a way of respecting that which we believe in.